How to avoid the fire of hell ?

How to avoid the fire of hell ?

Hell in Islam is the abode prepared by Allah for disbelievers and sinners, a realm of torment and disgrace. It is entered by those who reject faith after death, resurrection, and judgment. What is the description of Jahannam in Islam?

There are numerous Quranic verses and prophetic traditions describing Jahannam. This article will outline the following:


1. Definition of Jahannam.

2. What is the description of Jahannam in Islam?

3. Names of Jahannam in Islam.

4. Guardians of Jahannam.

5. Characteristics of the inhabitants of Jahannam.


Firstly, what is the definition of Jahannam in Islam?


Hell is the abode prepared by Allah for disbelievers, those who deny His messengers, and rebels against His obedience and faith. It is where He punishes and humiliates them. (Al-Durar Al-Sunniyah).


Allah says: “Do they not know that whoever opposes Allah and His Messenger – that for him is the fire of Hell, wherein he will abide eternally? That is the great disgrace” [Al-Tawbah: 63].


Secondly, what is the description of Jahannam in Islam?


1. Location of Jahannam:


Scholars state that Jahannam is in the lowest seventh earth, though some have refrained from specifying its location, leaving its knowledge to Allah. Ibn Uthaymeen was asked about its location and replied, “The fire is in Sijjin, which is in the lowest earth.”


2. Vastness:


The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Hell will keep asking, ‘Is there any more?’ until the Lord of Glory will place His foot in it, causing it to contract and say, ‘Enough, enough, by Your glory!'”


Mujahid reported that Ibn Abbas said: “Do you know the vastness of Hell?” I said, “No.” He said, “Aisha told me that she asked the Prophet about the verse: ‘The earth entirely will be within His grip on the Day of Resurrection’ [Al-Zumar: 67]. She asked, ‘Where will the people be on that day, O Messenger of Allah?’ He said, ‘On the bridge over Hell.'”


3. Depth:


Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “We were with the Messenger of Allah when we heard a thud. He said, ‘Do you know what that was?’ We said, ‘Allah and His Messenger know best.’ He said, ‘That was a stone thrown into Hell seventy years ago, and it has just reached its bottom.'”


4. Levels of Hell:


The term “darakāt” (descending levels) is used to describe the levels of Hell, contrasting with “darajāt” (ascending levels) of Paradise. The Prophet said, “Among them are those whom the fire will take to their ankles, others to their knees, others to their waists, and others to their collarbones.”


5. Gates of Hell:


Hell has seven gates, each assigned to a specific group of sinners. Allah says, “And indeed, Hell is the promised place for them all. It has seven gates; for every gate is of them a portion designated” [Al-Hijr: 43-44].


6. Fuel of Hell:


Hell’s fuel is people and stones, specifically sulfur stones for their intense heat. Allah says, “O you who have believed, protect yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stones” [Al-Tahrim: 6].


7. Heat:


The heat of Hell is described as intensely severe. Allah says, “Say, ‘The fire of Hell is more intensive in heat’ – if they would but understand” [Al-Tawbah: 81]. The Prophet said, “Your fire is one-seventieth part of the fire of Hell.”


8. Darkness:


Hell is intensely dark. The Prophet said, “It was kindled for a thousand years until it turned red, then kindled for a thousand years until it turned white, and kindled for a thousand years until it turned black, so it is black and dark.”


9. Sounds of Hell:


Allah says, “When the Hellfire sees them from a distant place, they will hear its fury and roaring” [Al-Furqan: 12]. “When they are thrown into it, they hear from it a [dreadful] inhaling while it boils up” [Al-Mulk: 7].


Thirdly, what are the names of Jahannam in Islam?


1. The Fire (Al-Nar): “Our Lord, indeed whoever You admit to the Fire – You have disgraced him” [Al-Imran: 192].

2. Jahannam: “And indeed, Hell is the promised place for them all” [Al-Hijr: 43].

3. Laza: “No! Indeed, it is the Flame [of Hell], A remover of exteriors” [Al-Ma’arij: 15-16].

4. Saqar: “I will drive him into Saqar. And what can make you know what is Saqar? It lets nothing remain and leaves nothing [unburned]” [Al-Muddathir: 26-28].

5. Al-Hutama: “No! He will surely be thrown into the Crusher. And what can make you know what is the Crusher? It is the fire of Allah, [eternally] fueled” [Al-Humazah: 4-6].

6. Al-Jaheem: “And Paradise will be brought near [that Day] to the righteous. And Hellfire will be brought forth for the deviators” [Al-Shu’ara: 90-91].

7. Al-Sa’ir: “A party will be in Paradise and a party in the Blaze” [Al-Shura: 7].

8. Al-Hawiyah: “But as for one whose scales are light, His refuge will be an abyss. And what can make you know what that is? It is a Fire, intensely hot” [Al-Qari’ah: 8-11].


Fourthly, the guardians of Jahannam:


The guardians of Hell are stern and severe angels who do not disobey Allah. The chief among them is named Malik.


Fifthly, the characteristics of the inhabitants of Jahannam:


1. They do not see.

2. They do not hear.

3. They do not speak.

4. They walk on their heads.

5. Their food is Zaqqum and Dari’.

6. Their drink is boiling water.

7. Their bodies are enormous.

8. Their skins are thick.

9. Their breaths are trapped in their throats.


May Allah protect us from Hell and its torments, for its punishment is everlasting.


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