Course Details

This course designed to cover all four essential language skills.

Reading component

In this component, students will develop their ability to recognize and understand written Arabic. They will learn to read Arabic words, sentences, and texts with accuracy.

The writing component

This component focuses on developing students’ skills in writing Arabic. They will learn the Arabic alphabet, proper letter formation, and how to construct sentences and paragraphs.

In the listening component

In this component, students will enhance their ability to understand spoken Arabic. They will practice listening to various audio materials, such as conversations, lectures, and recordings, to improve their listening comprehension skills.

The speaking component

This component emphasizes oral communication in Arabic. Students will engage in speaking activities, conversations, and discussions to develop their fluency, pronunciation, and ability to express themselves effectively in Arabic.

By covering all four language skills, our Arabic course ensures a well-rounded approach to language learning, enabling students to read, write, listen, and speak Arabic with confidence and proficiency.