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As Muslims, it is incumbent upon us to recite the Quran with proper recitation and to recite it as the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, recited it. This is to achieve the intended guidance, righteousness, and submission to Allah, the Exalted, and to understand it as revealed. This can only be achieved through Tajweed classes. Tajweed is the improvement of our recitation, it enhances our recitation and prevents us from falling into linguistic errors that alter the meaning. Therefore, in order to guarantee for you, dear Muslim, a correct recitation of the Quran followed by comprehension and contemplation, we are pleased to offer you Tajweed classes through Quran Moddaker Academy. 

1. What does Tajweed mean linguistically and technically? 

2. What are the benefits of Tajweed science? 

3. What is the importance of Tajweed science? 

4. Is it obligatory for us to learn Tajweed? 

5. Are there online Tajweed classes? 

6. The benefits of Tajweed classes. 

7. Tajweed course at Quran Moddaker Academy. 

8. What does Quran Moddaker Academy offer for you?

First: What is Tajweed? 

1. Tajweed linguistically means improvement, mastery, and precision. 

2. Tajweed technically means giving each letter its right without alteration and reciting it correctly according to the Tajweed rules established by Tajweed scholars. 

Second: The benefits of Tajweed science: 

1. Tajweed science preserves the tongue from errors. 

2. It is an emulation of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and following his example. 

3. Tajweed science ensures quality and excellence in recitation. 

4. Tajweed science increases confidence when reciting the Quran. 

Third: The importance of Tajweed science: 

Tajweed science is a means to an end, which includes: 

1. Worshiping Allah, the Exalted, and complying with His commands. 

2. Demonstrating the miraculous nature of the Quran. 

3. Tajweed science provides a beautiful vocal harmony that captivates the listener and makes them desire to hear more. 

Fourth: Is it obligatory for us to learn Tajweed? 

Yes, it is necessary for us to learn Tajweed in order to preserve the tongue from errors and improper melodic tone, and to avoid distorting the intended meaning of the Quran. 

Fifth: Are there online Tajweed classes? 

Yes, there are many websites that offer online Tajweed classes, but few can be trusted for the quality of their education. 

Quran Moddaker Academy offers high-quality Tajweed classes with experienced and competent teachers. 

Sixth: Benefits and features of Tajweed classes: 

1. Tajweed classes are characterized by diversity in lessons and educational resources that help improve recitation and Tajweed. 

2. Tajweed classes also involve direct interaction between students and teachers, which increases students’ confidence in reciting with Tajweed. 

3. Tajweed classes facilitate the exchange of experiences among other students. 

4. Tajweed classes also include progress monitoring and evaluation after each stage. 

We, at Quran Moddaker Academy, are pleased to assist you in learning Tajweed, the Arabic language, and other Islamic sciences. 

Seventh: Tajweed course at Quran Moddaker Academy: 

Objectives of Tajweed classes: 

1. Introduce students to the importance of Tajweed in reciting the Quran. 

2. Provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Tajweed rules and their application. 

3. Enable students to recite the Quran with accurate pronunciation and the characteristics of letters. 

4. Enhance students’ ability to apply Tajweed rules and correct the recitation of various Quranic verses. 

5. Foster appreciation and love for the beauty of reciting the Quran. 1. Basic study of Tajweed rules, including rules of elongation (madd), proper stops (waqf), and merging (idgham). 

2. Application of Tajweed rules in practical recitation exercises. 

3. Common mistakes in recitation and how to avoid them. 

4. Techniques to improve vocal articulation, rhythm, and fluency. 

Unit Four: Advanced Tajweed Concepts: 

1. Advanced study of Tajweed rules, including rules of hamzah, nunation (tanween), and emphasized letters (mim mushaddadah). 

2. Understanding the rules of silent (sakinah) mim. 

3. Practicing advanced application of Tajweed rules in recitation. 

4. Developing proficiency in reciting complex verses and passages. 

Unit Five: Beautifying Recitation: 

1. Understanding the concept of beautifying recitation (tarteel) and its importance. 

2. Techniques to improve voice quality and recitation rhythms. 

3. Expressing appropriate emotions and understanding the context of Quranic verses. 

4. Developing a personal recitation style while adhering to Tajweed rules. 

Unit Six: Practical Application and Evaluation: 

1. Recitation training sessions under the supervision of a trainer. 

2. Evaluation of students’ progress and mastery of Tajweed. 

3. Providing feedback and guidance for improvement. 

4. Final assessment to demonstrate proficiency in Tajweed rules. 

Note: This course is suitable for individuals who have basic knowledge of the Arabic language (foundation course) in reading and recitation. It is recommended to have completed Quranic foundations or equivalent proficiency in Quran recitation. 

4. Advantages of Quranic Arabic Classes through Quran Moddaker Academy:


1. Provision of high-quality educational resources for the Noble Quran and the Arabic language, accessible to everyone at reasonable prices.

2. Offering a variety of learning options that cater to the needs of different learners.

3. Creating a supportive and encouraging learning environment where everyone feels welcome and respected.

4. Two free trials.

5. Flexibility in choosing a suitable time.

6. Qualified male and female teachers from Al-Azhar University.

8. Reminder notifications for class timings.

Finally, Quran Moddaker Academy offers the following courses for you: 

1. Foundation Course: A comprehensive program designed for non-Arabic speakers who wish to learn how to read and recite the Quran with proper Tajweed. (here)

2. Quran Recitation: We provide Quranic recitation and Arabic language lessons for beginners to advanced learners, catering to both children and adults. (here)

3. Quran Memorization: Discover the treasures of the Quran through our comprehensive memorization course. (here)

4. Tajweed Course: Specifically designed for individuals who want to deepen their understanding and practical application of Tajweed rules in their recitation of the Quran. (here)

5. Arabic Language Course: This course is designed to cover the four fundamental language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking, with equal emphasis on each component to ensure comprehensive language learning. (here)

6. Islamic Studies: Enroll in the Islamic Studies course at Quran Moddaker Academy and embark on a journey to deepen your understanding of Islam. (here)

7. Customized Training Course: Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, we empower you to create a customized learning experience in Quranic studies and the Arabic language, tailored specifically for non-Arabic speakers. (here)

So, what are you waiting for? Visit us now and enjoy the free trial experience. 

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