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Arabic Months (Hijri ) with their names , numbers and definition

Arabic months

introduction The Arabic months, also known as the Hijri months among Muslims, are one of the important symbols that distinguish Muslims from others. They hold a special significance for Islam and Muslims, serving as the calendar widely used by Muslims in worship and other aspects. Now, you’re eager to learn more about these months, so […]

Salah in Islam ( prayer ) , its definition, types, rules, importance, types

Salah in islam

Contents: 1. The concept of Salah in Islam: “Salat is an act of worship with specific and known words and actions that begin with the takbir and end with the salutation.” What is meant by sayings is: What is meant by verbs: 2. The ruling on Salah in Islam: Salah in Islam is an obligation. […]

Consept of Tafsir quran al quran and its types

tafsir quran al quran

 First and foremost, you must know that the science of Tafsir quran al quran (meaning of the quran ) is one of the most important and honorable sciences because it is related to the eternal Book of God (the Quran).  The science of Tafsir is the most important of the sciences because it works to […]


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