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An overview of Islam _ Definition , Five pillars , History , Characters and practices


Many Muslims are eager to know the essential aspects of the true Islamic religion in order to correct their beliefs and guide themselves on the right path to attain happiness in this world and the hereafter. Therefore, we will briefly review what you need to know about Islam.   Contents:   1. What is Islam? […]

The Best Online Quran Learning Academy

quran online academy

Dear reader, you are not alone in searching for the best online Quran learning academy. Currently, many parents are looking for online academies to learn the Quran, either for themselves or for their children. Studies have proven that the best way to learn the Quran is through online learning. That’s why Quran Moddaker Academy presents […]

Women in Islam and their right to education.

women in islam

Women in Islam : Islam regards women with distinction, befitting their status and the tasks associated with them in society, as well as their role in its construction. Islam highlights the position of women and honors them in a way that no other religion has honored them. Islam also guarantees women’s right to education, which […]

The Best Quran Teachers

The Best Quran Teachers

The Noble Quran holds immense importance for Muslims worldwide, as it serves as our guide to the path of guidance and knowledge. Therefore, a Quran Teachers should possess the qualities found within this sacred book. What are these qualities? In this article, we will explore the characteristics of the best Quran teachers.   Firstly, it […]

Arabic Months (Hijri ) with their names , numbers and definition

Arabic months

introduction The Arabic months, also known as the Hijri months among Muslims, are one of the important symbols that distinguish Muslims from others. They hold a special significance for Islam and Muslims, serving as the calendar widely used by Muslims in worship and other aspects. Now, you’re eager to learn more about these months, so […]

Salah in Islam ( prayer ) , its definition, types, rules, importance, types

Salah in islam

Contents: 1. The concept of Salah in Islam: “Salat is an act of worship with specific and known words and actions that begin with the takbir and end with the salutation.” What is meant by sayings is: What is meant by verbs: 2. The ruling on Salah in Islam: Salah in Islam is an obligation. […]


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