How to Teach the Quran to Children

how to teach quran to children

Currently, many Muslim parents from different countries are seeking to teach the Quran to their children. They have realized that teaching the Quran to their children is the best investment they can make for them.


1. Why should children learn the Quran at an early age?


2. What is the best method for teaching the Quran to children?


3. How to teach the Quran to children?


4. What does ” Moddaker Quran Academy ” offer for teaching the Quran and the Arabic language to children?


These are the questions that come to mind for parents who want to teach their children the Quran. In this article, we will answer these questions, God willing:


First, the importance of learning the Quran for children


Al-Hasan al-Basri said, “Learning in childhood is like engraving on stone, and knowledge in old age is like writing on water.”


1. When children learn the Quran at such a young age, this knowledge will continue forever and grow over time.


2. This is the period when children’s memory is strong and their minds are pure.


3. When children learn the Quran at an early age, it means they will be better Muslims. Additionally, young children are more influenced by their parents, which makes it easier for parents to encourage and guide them towards learning Quranic recitation.


4. Learning the Quran strengthens the relationship between parents and children in two different ways:


   – First, through learning the Quran, children realize the importance of respecting their parents in Islam.


   – Second, when children see their parents applying the teachings of Islam they learned from the Quran, it strengthens the relationship.


Learning the Quran also brings children closer to Allah, the Almighty.


Second, the best method for teaching the Quran to children


Therefore, after understanding the importance of teaching the Quran to children, we need to know the best method for teaching the Quran to them:


In fact, there are three main methods for teaching the Quran to children:


1. Sending your children to a nearby mosque or Islamic center/school: If there is a mosque or an Islamic center/school nearby, this would be a great solution for your children to learn the Quran with the help of professional Quran teachers who have pre-designed programs. However, the study will be in a group of students, not through individual sessions.


2. Hiring a private Quran teacher for children at home: Getting a Quran teacher for your children at home to provide Quranic learning sessions would eliminate all the troubles involved in going to an Islamic center/school. However, it can be quite expensive compared to other methods.


3. Taking Quran lessons online: Most studies and surveys have shown that attending online Quran lessons with a Quran teacher is the best method for children to learn the Quran. That is why ” Quran Moddaker Academy ” has designed a diverse and distinguished range of online Quran programs to teach your children the Quran through individual live sessions with professional teachers who hold Ijazah in Quranic recitation



Third: How to Teach the Quran to Children:

how to teach quran to children

You may now be wondering, “Okay, I understand the importance of teaching the Quran to children and have identified the best method to teach my child the Quran. So, what is the approach I should follow?”


Well, don’t worry. That’s the task of the teachers at Quran Moddaker Academy. However, we will present a simplified method for teaching your child the Quran, keeping in mind that each student has their own unique approach based on their age, mental abilities, and psychological factors.


Now, let’s go through the steps of this method:


1. Conduct two free trial sessions to get to know the student and understand the key points of how to work with them.


2. Determine the student’s level with high accuracy through a highly competent teacher.


3. Present the curriculum plan to the student’s guardian.


4. Reach an agreement between the pre-selected teacher and the student’s guardian on the learning method that the student will follow.


5. This is the stage where the student embarks on the great journey of learning the Quran.


What Quran Moddaker Academy Offers for Teaching Your Child the Quran:


Quran Moddaker Academy offers the following:


1. Two free trial sessions.


2. Flexibility in choosing a suitable time.


3. Choosing the appropriate lesson schedule for you or your children.


4. Selection of a suitable male or female teacher.


5. Highly competent teachers.


6. Qualified teachers from Al-Azhar University.


7. Reminders for lesson timings.


Well, what are you waiting for? You can now go and take a look at the courses offered by Quran moddaker Academy by clicking here… and have a unique learning experience..

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